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Evan and his Viking Hat

This is my beautiful son, in the awesome viking hat that [ profile] thorsbaby bought for him, because [ profile] thorsbaby is both generous and a fashonista, and he always knows what is just right.

(Thanks to [ profile] rufinia for the photo. Yes, R, I cropped it. :-P )

I find it really interesting how virtually all Scadians knew he was a boy right away, despite the floor length gown, but all the hotel staff assumed he was a girl. Cultural norms, much?

We had a lovely time at Birka, although we need to sort out a better evening childcare arrangement so that both Ivan and I can go out and be social after E's bedtime together, rather than in shifts.

And many thanks to [ profile] marysdress and [ profile] dauphin1974 for the bag of clothes (he'll need to grow a bit) and the awesome toy. Every child in the place had to play with the toy. Its fabu.

If you have photos of my son, let me know please? My camera told me "the batteries are exhausted" and the hotel store didn't have more, so I have no pix of him in his fancy new duds. Sadness.

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Ivan and I are strongly considering going to Northern Region War Camp, provided I can get away from work by noon on Friday the 1st.

It seems odd that here it is nearly July already and we haven't even slept in a tent once.

I've never really been to Glenn Lynn. I know people have fun (lots of stories normally seem to involve drinking), but what is there to do besides fight, fence, or horse stuff? Is space tight? What is the camping like? (I've heard all about the bugs.) Is this a place where heavy duty cooking might take place? Ground fires?

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