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The hungry newborn is senseless
to the rotation of the earth,
the tides,
but cries in the night for succor,
for the nipple, cries
at vespers, compline, nocturn,

For my survival, in the night,
I brought you to the bed with me,
we slept,
as when I was gravid with you,
slept and fed by turns
each secure near the others

The earth has turned 3000 times
and still in the cool pink gray air
of matins,
I find you here, your strong colt legs
draped across my hip
entrapping me as your hands
twine and grip my hair like a

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Darius Aurelius, by right King of the East, in consort with Etheldreda, our most noble and worthy Queen.

Make known to all, present and future, in any of our territories, principalities, Baronies, shires, cantons and colleges, and any lands held under our Crown, that we, in response to the humble supplications of our beloved and renowned Masters of Defense (now few in number but mighty in voice), and further mindful that when we were called to the headship of this state we cherished the purpose of putting an end to injustice and disorder, in so doing we aimed to adorn this our realm with all the ornaments appropriate to this most storied and illustrious of kingdoms, which we mean to accomplish chiefly and most fully by the elevation of our most worthy and accomplished subjects to the peerages appropriate to their skills and attainments, it having at last been permitted that all our people should enjoy dignity and title in the form and matter which best becomes their service.

Thus, do we recognize and elevate our most dear and most beloved brother and ally Jean Xavier Boullier, Peer of our Realm, Baron of our Court, holder of the Queen's Order of Courtesy, Companion of the Silver Crescent and the Golden Rapier, Companion of the Silvanus Doke and the Silver Feather, beloved servant to our ancestor Queen Brenwen long departed, to the status and dignity of MASTER OF DEFENSE;

Further do We again confirm, award, grant, and bestow his right to bear arms by issuance of these Letters Patent, to whit Vert, a saltire between in fess two suns Or; overall a sword proper, as has been his lawful and honest right and privilege for some years yet past;

Further do we also confirm and command his right and duty to display the badge of the Masters of Defense, three rapiers in pall inverted tips crossed, upon his person and upon all manner of goods, and all of them, in such form and manner that any lord, baron, chatelaine, serf, count, viscount, king or subject of any realm known or unknown may at all times and in all places recognize him as a member of this said order, cloaked as he is in its dignity;

Further it is our pleasure that he will for now and always possess and enjoy such honors, authorities, prerogatives, pre-eminences, franchises, liberties and other immunities that have traditionally accompanied any such title and dignity, and that those estates, incomes, and licenses which he does now possess or shall possess in future will be protected by us and our heirs and successors to such extent as we are able and is just, so that he may continue to maintain the style, titles, and dignities of the peerage, that he may be at all times and in all places accepted and recognized as the equal of any peer of this or any realm known;

Thus do we, by our special favor, power, and royal authority, issue, authorize and approve these letters, issued on this date and duly registered as the law requires, signed by our hands, and further bearing witness that the said Jean Xavier Boullier has been duly and joyfully received by the order as is customary by our peers of the realm, given at (place) upon the (date) day of (month), being Anno Societatis L in the common reckoning.


I believe you should be able to see a photo of the finished scroll here. Words turned into an actual physical object by Mistress Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova Sviatoslavina vnuchka.
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Behold! The humble paintbrush. My favorite paintbrush. I never thought I’d say such a thing, but there it is.

I’ve been painting the kitchen for over a year. As you can see, my kitchen is narrow, and has a lot of sections, so it hasn’t been that difficult to do a wall section here or there, as the mood strikes me (or as I have an hour free to do the work). Its much less disruptive to the flow of our lives than a big two-day “now we’re going to paint ALL THE THINGS” weekend would be. I move stuff, paint, wait a bit, put them back. Rinse and repeat as needed.

I love how easy it becomes. And, I love this paintbrush, with its short handle and its angled brush, because it keeps me from having to tape everything. I’m at the point now, actually, where I tape almost nothing. I keep a damp cloth with me at all times, and if I get a smudge of paint here or there, I just wipe it away right away and keep on working. The brush does its magic - it gets the paint where it needs to be.

Now, all that’s left to paint are the hardest parts: One wall where the old wallpaper MUST come down and I need to skim coat before I can paint; one area where the wallboard is gone and I have to figure out what to do, Two windows that need vigorous sanding before they can be painted, and a few cupboards, which need to be emptied before I can do much with them.

Still, slowly, this will get finished. Slowly. (And I might need to buy a replacement brush).

(This entry was also posted on the new Tumblr over here.)
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To all present and to come who these present letters shall see or hear do we Edward Gray of Lochleven and Thyra Eiriksdottir, King and Queen of this Kingdom of the East greetings and love with humble recommendation. Equity will and right ordains that virtuous men and women of noble courage and true heart be by their merits and renown rewarded that they shall in all places have great honour perpetually before others, shining by certain signs and demonstrations of honour and courtesy. To wit we know them by they tokens they wear in order that by their example others again will force themselves perseveringly to use their days in deeds of service and virtuous works to gain the renown and for this end We, Royal Sovereigns of the East, not only by common renown but also by report and witness of other noble men worthy of credence truly advertise and certify that our very noble and stalwart Lord, Thomas de Winterwode of the Shire of Hadchester gentleman who has for a long time served us with diligence and also in his other affairs has carried himself valiantly and governed honourably has truly deserved and is worthy that henceforward perpetually he will in all places honourably admitted, renowned, accounted, numbered and received in the number and in the company of other courteous and noble men and women as a companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent, and for this, we do command him to wear the badge of the order, to wit In pale a crescent inverted argent and an Eastern crown Or so that may serve for the remembrance of his courtesy and virtue to all. Therefore in witness of this we have signed with our hand and sealed with our seal these presents. Made and given at Stonemarche the twentieth fourth day of January during the Market Day at Birka in the forty ninth year since the founding of our Society.
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Saturday I slept until noon and then read in bed until after 1. Then I went downstairs and E and I watched TV together (Pokemon cartoons, mostly) for the rest of the afternoon, while my poor husband went outside and raked leaves. Both E and I spent almost the entire day in our pajamas, although around 3 I finally took a shower and got us both into clothes that are technically not pajamas.

Sunday I made three candles for the shop, made E two pair of pajama pants, and started on the quilt project.

We have quite a lot of Christmas fabric. Josh likes to buy it, but he never knows quite what to do with it. I've been making fabric gift bags out of it for a while, and last year I did potholders, but there are only so many fabric crafts in the world until you get to quilting.

I've been thinking about starting to get into quilts for a bit. About a week ago Josh suggested that we could make a quilt with some of the Christmas fabrics that we've accumulated, and when I gave him a stern look he offered to cut the squares for me. Then he was a little shocked when I told him we'd need 240 6" squares, but he rolled with it. So, this week, while I'm working nights he's going to spend some time cutting 6" blocks for me out of the current stash, and then we'll see what more we need.

This isn't going to be a big fancy quilt. It's just going to be 6" squares pieced together into a full size (85 x 95 ish) top, lined with a blanket or flannel sheet, backed and bound. He wants to be able to keep swatches of these fabrics he loves and I'm happy to do that with him.

He has gotten me thinking about putting together a disappearing nine patch for my mom, though.
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E started a week (4 days) at The Telling Room today. After breakfast, he confided in me, in a very grownup way, that he was scared to go "somewhere new" (basically because of his awful experience at Camp Ketcha last year). I hugged him and promised him that if it was anything like Ketcha (which it won't be) that I would pull him out immediately. Then I told him about times I was scared doing new things, and praised him mightily for talking to me about the way he feels.

At lunch I got a nice note from the Executive Director telling me that E was settling in well. So, that's reassuring. We'll see what the end of the day brings.

Ten days until he turns 8. For his birthday, I very much wanted to build him a simple outdoor playhouse, and we pulled together a $500 budget to build it ... which turns out to be not nearly enough. Josh is lobbying hard for us not to do it at all, on the theory that we'll never be able to finish it and it will set there, unused and unfinished forever. He's been quietly, but firmly, completely negative about this project from start to finish, and it's starting to grate on me. Our back yard is tiny, and a wasteland (no room for a swingset, for example, because there isn't enough arc for the swing), so its no wonder that E never wants to be outside. But, I have to clearly admit that he's probably right. I have to make up my mind today, though, so we can get the materials together to build on Sunday, if build we are indeed going to do.
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An essay discussing the ways in which Pro Wrestling (ie: the WWE) is related to LARP and improvisational theater.

The definitive explanation of why pro wrestling is unique [Mightygodking]

Bonus link: One Ring Circus - a 2007 comparitive media studies class at MIT (!) which ties the WWE to Commedia....
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I got nothing that was "on the list" accomplished (ok, maybe one thing) this weekend, but nevertheless I feel like I had a pretty successful weekend -- and that, even though I slept and read and slept for a large part of Sunday (and thanks to my amazing husband for letting me do that).

E's had a tough week, so I set up a playdate for him on Saturday. This child (O) is a year behind him, but they've become friends at the afterschool program, and we really like his parents (we're quietly trying to recruit them for SCA stuff, actually). So O came over and the boys ran together all afternoon -- including getting out the microscopes and doing SCIENCE! together. At 5, another friend dropped off her three girls (11, 9, and almost 2) for the evening so she could go out, and then at 5:30 O's parents came to get him and ended up staying for a while as we made make-your-own pizzas and the kids all ran around like crazy children.


While the boys were playing in the afternoon I got important things done like the bedding packed for Panteria and the upstairs bathroom cleaned, and about 8 loads of laundry. I'm still not where I should be for Panteria, but I'm somewhere that I'm not really stressed about it.

Sunday, Josh's dad came over and they FINALLY began repairing the big hole in our living room ceiling from the New Year's Eve waterfall. Josh also cut the grass, which normally takes a lot of nagging because getting out the mower for the first time in the spring is a big production.

E has declared this past weekend "the best weekend of my life so far" so I count that as a win.

Sometimes -- sometimes! -- things actually fire on all cylanders, and I feel like my life at least a little closer to the life I picture in my head.

Now, I just have to get the kitchen stuff ready for Panteria, and our garb packed, and figure out the food things. But I may be able to take off Thursday (provided I get a bunch of work done in the next three days) .... and then, the weekend. Camping! Relaxing in Vermont!
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I don't have anything to say today that isn't really whiny, so I'm just not going to say much.

Six firetrucks, an ambulance, the fire chief's car, and two police cars showed up outside our house last night, lights and sirens going. They seem to have visited the house two doors down from us, although I cannot say why. The house was not on fire.

Tonight, I think I'm going to make a red cloak trimmed with white fur for E's classroom play. He was going to just take his Jedi cloak (which, amazingly, still basically fits him) but his father and I think it is insufficiently regal. I just hope it doesn't end up having too strong a Santa Claus vibe.

I got a new phone a couple of weeks ago, and E is having great fun playing with Siri. I don't think she's having as much fun, however, as she's suddenly taken to giving us lists of 'types of questions I can answer'. She also can't seem -- at ALL -- to figure out that the Portland Sea Dogs are a baseball team, and keeps giving me sports results for the Bulldogs and a bunch of other (possibly basketball) teams. I wish there was some way I could "teach" Siri what the right answer is.

I've set up a pandora channel that is basically the 2Cellos guys (which you should totally listen to) and Wolgemut and not a lot else.

Here is an interesting article about how Jim Henson's work affected the world-view of a generation of American children (and maybe not in the way you think). My favorite quote from the metafilter discussion about this article is "The conversation around this article among my friends has included the important detail that the Muppets gave us permission to be weirdos."

I guess those are my happy thoughts for today.
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Where did I leave off?

Oh yes ... well. We lived through the last of the Insane Travel (at least for a while) - actually it was a delightful day with friends (and music!) and an even more delightful trip home ... a post-event dinner at a large table where we laughed and laughed. An SCA experience that I had, honestly, totally forgotten about - those moments where you cement friendships over plates of cheese fries and linger to long at the table before the long drive home.

Last week, though, was a total loss. We were all sick, and grouchy. Saturday night I woke up about 2 am because E (who was asleep next to me, but really sort of across me) kicked me squarely in the face. I wish I knew what he struggles so steadfastly against in his sleep.

Yesterday I got to watch my very silly child alternate moments of complete disregard for the fact there are other people in the world with moments of unexpected responsibility and maturity. I know that's what being 7almost8 is all about, but it was on full display.

On Friday, J brought home a job posting he's actually both interested in and qualified for - so now we need to rush around and write him a resume. I want -- desperately -- to paint the kitchen and front hall but I'm having a lot of trouble getting motivated to do the awful work necessary (like, stripping down wallpaper and moving furniture) to actually achieve those goals.

Spring inspires action in all different ways, I guess.
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In searching for something yesterday, I realized I have been on LJ for nine years. I am, once again, deeply thankful to whomever-you-are who re-upped my account.

I'm having a productive and civil discussion about ASD diagnosis on FB. Wonders will never, ever cease.

I won't be posting again until Monday, because:

Tonight: pick up child, go home. Supper. Laundry. Pack a bag for him (he's staying this weekend at Mimi's). Mix and cut pelican cookies. Mix and cook meat pie innards. Assemble and cook pies. Fall down.

Morning: Leave house by 5:45 am to pick up co-workers to be in Lowell MA by 8 am. Drive to Lowell. Attend conference. Leave 4 pm ish. Get home for supper.

Evening: Eat supper. Pack up our crap. Bake cookies. Fall down.

Saturday: Get up to leave the house by 6 am. Ride in car to Uncasville, CT. Attend event. Run vigil. Come home. Fall down.

Sunday: Sleep very late (I hope). Attend birthday party. Fall down.

... and then the Wheel! of! Vigils! is over, and I don't have to go to another event for two months. Hurray. Sort of.

However, I am keenly aware of my pledge to continue to write every day that I have access to a computer. Even if it's inane. Like today.


here is a link about Cocks (no, not that kind)

Beowulf Socks (with pattern)

Medieval parenting (sorta) (BBC Linkbait)

Must every YA Action Heroine be petite?
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The end of our day today involved going to E's parent teacher conference, which turned into a sort of a mini IEP meeting. They've been working with different ways to get him to author his own thoughts, since writing by hand is such a terrible chore for him.

Here is his 'opinion' essay about Dinosaurs:

I think dinosaurs are the most amazing creatures that ever lived on Earth.

First of all, they have amazing features to hep them survive. Like spikes, teeth, and armor.

Next up, their self-defense is very good. It is better than normal. Like their claws and jaws are strong enough to crush bone.

Then to top it all off, you might think that dinosaurs are ferocious eat eaters but most are plant eaters. Think about it.

They have so many features that NO mammals have which what sets them apart from other animals on Earth.

His writing tutor says he has a "voice". He sure does.
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Much to our surprise, E has agreed to sit with us on Monday nights and watch Cosmos. His father and I, of course, have clear and fond memories of watching the original one (I watched it weekly in school, actually), and we're all enjoying this rare moment of shared media consumption. E is confused by the commercials (most of the media he is exposed to - Netflix, YouTube - doesn't come with commercial interruption; I was interested to learn last night that he thought this was broadcast LIVE because of the commercials -- which makes sense, as he really only otherwise sees them during live sporting events), but he is otherwise clearly enjoying it and looks forward to it from week to week.

Last night's episode was about evolution (and other things), and it was reinforced for me just how much science this seven and a half year old child already knows. DNA is not a mystery to him, it's just a fact of life. He could already name the five great extinctions, tell us the causes, and give a clear summary of what types of life were extinguished and which survived. He gets -- really gets -- evolution as a basic fact about the way the world works. (He is still a little hazy on the broad scope of time involved; but that's developmental time sense. He can quote the numbers, but they don't really have scale for him. Or to me, for that matter.)

Of course, he sometimes watches while hanging upside down on the sofa, and last night watched at least part of it on the screen of his DS while pointing the DS camera at our TV (how very meta of him), but he's very clearly engaged, asking questions, making comments, and -- once! -- sort of correcting Dr. Tyson when he sort of glossed over something about Dinosaur evolution that E clearly wanted him to provide more detail about.

So, yes, he's so hungry for math, math, and more math that his teachers can't keep up and now have him helping other students (which he's happy to do) and working one on one with a parent volunteer one day a week who seems to be teaching him some kind of math games that border on algebra. He's hungry for science, too, but school doesn't provide that, and at home he draws a very clear line between Learning Activities (which seem to be for school only) and Fun Things (which are, pretty much, video games with a dash of Pokemon). yet sometimes -- sometimes -- just for a minute, I can get him engaged with science, asking questions, learning, paying as much attention as he can ... but apparently it takes Neil deGrasse Tyson to do it. So be it.

I see more TED talks in our future. Better start previewing.
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Well. Sometimes I am unexpectedly reminded of the amazing kindness of my friends.

I'm sorry I haven't been writing here much; I do read every single day, but so much stuff pulls for my time and attention -- G+, Facebook, Metafilter, trying to keep my Etsy shop going; Instant Portland ... it's hard, sometimes, to just sit down and write about what's new or what I'm thinking about.

So, anyhow, thank you very much to whomever just renewed my LJ account for another year. I shall endeavour to be worthy of your gift simply by remembering why LJ is important to me in the first place, and writing more. Maybe not every single day, but more.

I promise.
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Unto our noble servant, Baron Rowen Cloteworthy, Troubadour Herald, we greet you well.

Forasmuch as we have of late had many diverse and astonishing reports of your acts, and being that we have long known of your dutiful and diligent service to our persons and to the administration of Our Kingdom, both now and in the time of our predecessors of blessed memory departed, and forasmuch as it is the duty of the crown to recognize and provide due and just reward for those our subjects of especial fidelity, valor, virtue, and great ability, do we command unto you that it be our express pleasure and will that, upon the allegiance and duty you owe unto us, that you do forthwith and under penalty of banishment and our grave displeasure, upon the receipt of these letters duly signed, sealed, and read forth publically as all the people assembled duly saw, that upon the twenty second of March, being the feast of Saint Epaphroditus and Saint Lea, you do make your repair back again into our presence and present yourself humbly unto us, our court then being convened and arrayed in Majesty in the Barony of Settmour Swamp, along with those persons and witnesses that you are desirous to speak to us on your behalf, that we may further and with our most excellent Majesty, upon receipt of sufficient testimony of your good life and virtuous works, and upon further examination of your witnesses, being first sworn in due form and arrayed as aforesaid with such outward tokens and symbols of their station as they have right to bear, evaluate your fitness for induction into our most ancient and noble ORDER OF THE PELICAN, letting you further understand that if you shall refuse thus to appear in our court at the appointed time and in suitable estate that we will not fail to proceed against you, according to those laws of our Kingdom that we are bound to uphold. And further do we command that these our letters, or the duplicate of them, shall be to you for this passage, and shall comprise sufficient warrant and discharge of your duty in this behalf.

Signed by us, Kenric and Avelina, rightful King and Queen of the East Kingdom, on the eight day of March, as we sit in state upon the occasion of the tournament held to select our Bardic Champions, in our Barony of Bergental.
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Photo taken upon awakening

Every morning as we walk down the front steps E turns to me and says "Pilot, prepare for takeoff."

He's the Jedi. I call him "General". I'm the pilot of his transport. He calls me "Pilot". Every morning I pilot our spaceship to Coruscant so he can meet with the Jedi council. Any red cars we see along our path are enemy ships and must be blasted - I make the Pew Pew Pew sounds while he mans a larger weapon that makes a Ffffwwwwup-POW noise and blows them to smithereens. When he is the General, he speaks to me in his serious, grown-up voice that I think he copied from listening to Kenneth Branagh narrating the Walking with Dinosaurs programs.

When we arrive at school .. er, I mean, when we arrive on Coruscant, the general regards me sternly: Fly safely, keep a watchful eye. I tell the General that I'm very proud of him, and I hope he has a great day. As he steps out of the shuttle and pulls on his backpack, I always say "Good luck, General, and may the force be with you."

"Don't worry, Pilot," he tells me, "there's no such thing as luck."
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Dread Pirate

Tuesday is my favorite evening. Tuesday, Josh goes off to practice and leaves E and I to do whatever it is we're going to do. What it's evolved into (now that summer is over and practice is no longer outside, because when it was outside we - along with many other people - would go and lounge on the lawn and eat take-out pizza and the kids would all play together until sunset) is coming home, doing homework (because there is, indeed, homework in second grade), making and eating supper (almost always mac and cheese with peas, and hotdogs), then playing a game before we trundle off to bed.

Last night the game was Dread Pirate. A super fun game where you sail around the seas, collect treasure, say "Arrgh!" a lot, and attach your opponents ship. In order to play the game, you also need to read, and do math (which served as an object lesson to my son's "Why do I have to learn to do all this math" question earlier in the evening.) We also played a little X-Box together. Then, at bedtime, he decided he didn't want me to read him a bedtime story, but rather we laid in bed side by side, each reading our own book, until he turned to me and said "I think it's time I got to sleep."

E's transition to second grade has been a little bumpy, but overall fairly good. I love his teacher, who is determined to "do right by him" and who is as interested in and passionate about science as he is. She also gets that he's both way above grade level in terms of academics (his current math homework is work that he could have done two years ago; we're also doing some multiplication on the side while his class is working on the concept that 5 + 4 = 9, 4 + 5 = 9, 9 - 5 = 4, and 9 - 4 = 5 are all closely related equations) while is simultaneously somewhat below what is expected for his age in terms of social and emotional skills. He has friends in his class, and is overall adjusting better socially than last year, when, of course, we made the mistake of pulling him out of class for nearly two weeks for the fun-but-ultimately-disastrous Disney trip.

Otherwise, all is pretty quiet. We spent a lot of time in August rebuilding one wall of the kitchen (first we replaced the window, then, in that process, discovered other work that needed to be done) in hopes that it will decrease the heat loss in the kitchen, and make it warmer overall throughout the downstairs. Now all that is left to do is paint it. I'm having a small amount of SCA related angst, basically related to once again figuring out my place in the grand scheme of things, but nothing that is anything more than my personal introspection.

I'm glad it's fall. Fall is, by far, my favorite time of year.
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Thus, in the XLVIII year since the creation of the world, being that four score and seventeen days and nights have passed since our anointing, and being now arrayed with all our Majesty, and having met in this place, which is sometimes called Malagentia, with our council and government, as have our venerable and noble forebearers done annually before us, to all those persons, noble, gentle, and base, who shall see or hear these present letters, do we, Gregor, Knight, Count, Duke, Prince of Tir Mara and King of these Eastern Lands, together with Kiena, Baroness, Countess, Princess, and noble, fierce and altogether rightful Queen of the East, send greetings.

Know ye all that we have given and by this charter confirm unto our own right worshipful servant Baroness Mylisant Gray of Malagentia, who hath, with admirable diligence and in the most honorable ways and means possible, striven with benevolent intention as she applied herself effectually and with all possible diligence and tender zeal toward the maintenance and care of our subjects and the very governance of our realm,

such that we are thus compelled thereunto by very course of nature and by the humble commendations of noble and virtuous men and women to reward her service by allowing her to bear, without prejudice, the ancient token and mark of our Order of the Silver Crescent, namely a badge In pale a crescent inverted argent and an Eastern crown Or that may be worn and displayed by her and further that she is to be admitted, renowned, accounted, numbered, accepted and received into ye number and Company of those other Ancient Gentils, and noble men and women, perpetually from henceforth, who comprise the roll of companions of this order, together with all the rights, privileges, and remembrances and every one of them that have been devised, ordained and assigned to such companions.

And further know that if any person tries to diminish or take away our generosity, let him be with Dathan and Abirham, and with Judas, and with all those men whom the earth has swallowed up for bodily acting against against the decrees of our own. In witness of this our oath we have signed with our hands these present letters, made and given on the field of the festival called the Great North Eastern War on this 13th day of July, being the eve of the feasts of St Plechelm and St Edith.
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I suspect many of you have seen this already on Facebook, but here it is again.

At my son's school, there is a self-contained classroom for kids with special needs - primarily kids with autism. The children in this classroom may be nonverbal, may display repetitive behaviors (including some that can lead to self-injury), and may require dedicated 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 support.

For reasons too complex to get into here, this classroom is getting very little support from either the school administration or the PTO.

This week, the lead teacher has launched a Donor's Choose campaign to try and raise money to get some necessary materials for her classroom. She chose this week because there is a matching gift available. If you make a gift, and enter the code TREAT at checkout your gift will be matched 100%.

She's trying to raise about $1000. As of this moment, she's only raised about $140 toward that goal.

Please help by making a gift - even a small gift - today and using the matching code to have your gift doubled. Sandy is a fantastic teacher (I worked with her at Easter Seals as well) and she could use the support.

Donor's Choose Link for the BEACH program at OAES
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As the illumination from this scroll was taken from the Codex Manesse, a 14th century liederhandschrift (or medieval songbook) which features a great deal of German Minnesang poetry, I chose to write the scroll text in the form of a Minnesang poem. The scroll text is loosely based on the poem 'Tanzweise' by Walther von der Vogelweide, whose portrait appears on leaf 124r of the Codex. Although I cannot confirm that 'Tanzweise' is one of the poems preserved in the Codex, it is a work that would have been immediately familiar to the owners of this book.

Here's a link to the source (in English translation)

'Lady,' they said, 'this garland wear )

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