Jun. 14th, 2015

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Darius Aurelius, by right King of the East, in consort with Etheldreda, our most noble and worthy Queen.

Make known to all, present and future, in any of our territories, principalities, Baronies, shires, cantons and colleges, and any lands held under our Crown, that we, in response to the humble supplications of our beloved and renowned Masters of Defense (now few in number but mighty in voice), and further mindful that when we were called to the headship of this state we cherished the purpose of putting an end to injustice and disorder, in so doing we aimed to adorn this our realm with all the ornaments appropriate to this most storied and illustrious of kingdoms, which we mean to accomplish chiefly and most fully by the elevation of our most worthy and accomplished subjects to the peerages appropriate to their skills and attainments, it having at last been permitted that all our people should enjoy dignity and title in the form and matter which best becomes their service.

Thus, do we recognize and elevate our most dear and most beloved brother and ally Jean Xavier Boullier, Peer of our Realm, Baron of our Court, holder of the Queen's Order of Courtesy, Companion of the Silver Crescent and the Golden Rapier, Companion of the Silvanus Doke and the Silver Feather, beloved servant to our ancestor Queen Brenwen long departed, to the status and dignity of MASTER OF DEFENSE;

Further do We again confirm, award, grant, and bestow his right to bear arms by issuance of these Letters Patent, to whit Vert, a saltire between in fess two suns Or; overall a sword proper, as has been his lawful and honest right and privilege for some years yet past;

Further do we also confirm and command his right and duty to display the badge of the Masters of Defense, three rapiers in pall inverted tips crossed, upon his person and upon all manner of goods, and all of them, in such form and manner that any lord, baron, chatelaine, serf, count, viscount, king or subject of any realm known or unknown may at all times and in all places recognize him as a member of this said order, cloaked as he is in its dignity;

Further it is our pleasure that he will for now and always possess and enjoy such honors, authorities, prerogatives, pre-eminences, franchises, liberties and other immunities that have traditionally accompanied any such title and dignity, and that those estates, incomes, and licenses which he does now possess or shall possess in future will be protected by us and our heirs and successors to such extent as we are able and is just, so that he may continue to maintain the style, titles, and dignities of the peerage, that he may be at all times and in all places accepted and recognized as the equal of any peer of this or any realm known;

Thus do we, by our special favor, power, and royal authority, issue, authorize and approve these letters, issued on this date and duly registered as the law requires, signed by our hands, and further bearing witness that the said Jean Xavier Boullier has been duly and joyfully received by the order as is customary by our peers of the realm, given at (place) upon the (date) day of (month), being Anno Societatis L in the common reckoning.


I believe you should be able to see a photo of the finished scroll here. Words turned into an actual physical object by Mistress Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova Sviatoslavina vnuchka.

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