Mar. 27th, 2014

anastasiav: (but all artistic like)
In searching for something yesterday, I realized I have been on LJ for nine years. I am, once again, deeply thankful to whomever-you-are who re-upped my account.

I'm having a productive and civil discussion about ASD diagnosis on FB. Wonders will never, ever cease.

I won't be posting again until Monday, because:

Tonight: pick up child, go home. Supper. Laundry. Pack a bag for him (he's staying this weekend at Mimi's). Mix and cut pelican cookies. Mix and cook meat pie innards. Assemble and cook pies. Fall down.

Morning: Leave house by 5:45 am to pick up co-workers to be in Lowell MA by 8 am. Drive to Lowell. Attend conference. Leave 4 pm ish. Get home for supper.

Evening: Eat supper. Pack up our crap. Bake cookies. Fall down.

Saturday: Get up to leave the house by 6 am. Ride in car to Uncasville, CT. Attend event. Run vigil. Come home. Fall down.

Sunday: Sleep very late (I hope). Attend birthday party. Fall down.

... and then the Wheel! of! Vigils! is over, and I don't have to go to another event for two months. Hurray. Sort of.

However, I am keenly aware of my pledge to continue to write every day that I have access to a computer. Even if it's inane. Like today.


here is a link about Cocks (no, not that kind)

Beowulf Socks (with pattern)

Medieval parenting (sorta) (BBC Linkbait)

Must every YA Action Heroine be petite?

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