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Another fun weekend with The Incredible Non-Sleeping Boy. Sunday he was up at 730 am, basically refused to nap at all - one 1 hour nap in the morning, plus two 20-ish minute naps in the afternoon - and stayed up until nearly 10, then woke up at about 345 this morning and stayed awake until it was almost time for us to get up and get him ready for daycare, whereupon he promptly fell asleep. So I got about 5 hours sleep Saturday night, a long day Sunday, then about 4 hours sleep Sunday night. I'm a mess, as you can imagine. This can't go on, but there doesn't seem to be anything we can do about it.

What I don't get is that he sleeps fine at his daycare. He often takes 2-hour plus naps there, and I can't figure out why she can get him to nap and we just ... can't.

Also, you may have heard that Josh's Parents are taking the entire family (parents, four kids, two "spouses," 1 grandchild) to Las Vegas in early May to celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary. Well, the plans are now set in stone: Josh is driving out with his parents and his brother, they leave on the evening of Wednesday April 25th, then Evan and I fly out (along with Josh's sisters and Dave) on Saturday the 28th (flight leaving Logan at 730 am - bleah!), returning very early in the morning on Sunday, May 6th. We're all staying at the Monte Carlo hotel, and Josh's parents are being very generous and paying for our travel, our rooms, and many of our meals and incedental expenses.

Because spending hours and hours losing money we don't have in the casinos doesn't sound like any fun at all, I've started making a list of free/very cheap things that I can do with the baby (who will be nearly 10 months old for the trip - yikes!) around Vegas. So far, in addtion to this list of free things its also been suggested that I try out: The Liberace Museum, The Pinball Hall of Fame, The Guggenheim Hermitage Museum ($19.50 - I'm not sure what's coming after the current Maplethorpe Exhibit - their website doesn't list "future shows"), Madame Tussauds ($24; I have fond memories of my visit to Tussauds in London), the Lied Discovery Children's Museum ($15 for both of us), the Las Vegas Art Museum ($6), King Tut's Tomb at Luxor ($10), the Circus at Circus-Circus (free?), the Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo Hotel (Penguins! - free);
Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition (pricey), The Eiffel Tower Experience, White Tiger Habitat at the Mirage (free), MGM Grand Lion Habitat (free)...

... wow, now that I type all that up it seems like quite a lot. There is also this thing called a Power Pass that might be a good deal, but I'll have to do the math on it.

Other thoughts? What would you do in Vegas that isn't a show, isn't gambling, and is fairly cheap (my entertainment budget for the 7 days we're there is about $300)?

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