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For those of you following the saga of my problems with our local Croquet Marshal: Lots of people came to the monthly Province meeting last night with a variety of things to say to/about him, but he didn't show up. Talk about an anti-climax!

Got home exhausted last night, slept like the dead for about four hours, then got up about 3am to go to the bathroom .... and never fully got back to sleep. Blurgh. I must of slept at least some, though, because I had a dream about not being able to sleep. Very weird. I remember seeing the clock at 330 am, 430 am, 525 am, and 615 am when my alarm went off. Plus I have to work tonight ... this is going to be a very long day, I'm afraid.

Here's a few links. I need to get back to work:

Be Jackson Pollock

Office Supplies Trebuchet

The Accidental Hedonist
(apparently its also a book)

Renova Black
For the goth in your life who has everything else -- black toilet paper. (via [ profile] hajen)

Is Pixar a "Boys Only" club?
Interesting survey of the dearth of female main characters in Pixar films.

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