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Darius Aurelius, by right King of the East, in consort with Etheldreda, our most noble and worthy Queen.

Make known to all, present and future, in any of our territories, principalities, Baronies, shires, cantons and colleges, and any lands held under our Crown, that we, in response to the humble supplications of our beloved and renowned Masters of Defense (now few in number but mighty in voice), and further mindful that when we were called to the headship of this state we cherished the purpose of putting an end to injustice and disorder, in so doing we aimed to adorn this our realm with all the ornaments appropriate to this most storied and illustrious of kingdoms, which we mean to accomplish chiefly and most fully by the elevation of our most worthy and accomplished subjects to the peerages appropriate to their skills and attainments, it having at last been permitted that all our people should enjoy dignity and title in the form and matter which best becomes their service.

Thus, do we recognize and elevate our most dear and most beloved brother and ally Jean Xavier Boullier, Peer of our Realm, Baron of our Court, holder of the Queen's Order of Courtesy, Companion of the Silver Crescent and the Golden Rapier, Companion of the Silvanus Doke and the Silver Feather, beloved servant to our ancestor Queen Brenwen long departed, to the status and dignity of MASTER OF DEFENSE;

Further do We again confirm, award, grant, and bestow his right to bear arms by issuance of these Letters Patent, to whit Vert, a saltire between in fess two suns Or; overall a sword proper, as has been his lawful and honest right and privilege for some years yet past;

Further do we also confirm and command his right and duty to display the badge of the Masters of Defense, three rapiers in pall inverted tips crossed, upon his person and upon all manner of goods, and all of them, in such form and manner that any lord, baron, chatelaine, serf, count, viscount, king or subject of any realm known or unknown may at all times and in all places recognize him as a member of this said order, cloaked as he is in its dignity;

Further it is our pleasure that he will for now and always possess and enjoy such honors, authorities, prerogatives, pre-eminences, franchises, liberties and other immunities that have traditionally accompanied any such title and dignity, and that those estates, incomes, and licenses which he does now possess or shall possess in future will be protected by us and our heirs and successors to such extent as we are able and is just, so that he may continue to maintain the style, titles, and dignities of the peerage, that he may be at all times and in all places accepted and recognized as the equal of any peer of this or any realm known;

Thus do we, by our special favor, power, and royal authority, issue, authorize and approve these letters, issued on this date and duly registered as the law requires, signed by our hands, and further bearing witness that the said Jean Xavier Boullier has been duly and joyfully received by the order as is customary by our peers of the realm, given at (place) upon the (date) day of (month), being Anno Societatis L in the common reckoning.


I believe you should be able to see a photo of the finished scroll here. Words turned into an actual physical object by Mistress Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova Sviatoslavina vnuchka.
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To all present and to come who these present letters shall see or hear do we Edward Gray of Lochleven and Thyra Eiriksdottir, King and Queen of this Kingdom of the East greetings and love with humble recommendation. Equity will and right ordains that virtuous men and women of noble courage and true heart be by their merits and renown rewarded that they shall in all places have great honour perpetually before others, shining by certain signs and demonstrations of honour and courtesy. To wit we know them by they tokens they wear in order that by their example others again will force themselves perseveringly to use their days in deeds of service and virtuous works to gain the renown and for this end We, Royal Sovereigns of the East, not only by common renown but also by report and witness of other noble men worthy of credence truly advertise and certify that our very noble and stalwart Lord, Thomas de Winterwode of the Shire of Hadchester gentleman who has for a long time served us with diligence and also in his other affairs has carried himself valiantly and governed honourably has truly deserved and is worthy that henceforward perpetually he will in all places honourably admitted, renowned, accounted, numbered and received in the number and in the company of other courteous and noble men and women as a companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent, and for this, we do command him to wear the badge of the order, to wit In pale a crescent inverted argent and an Eastern crown Or so that may serve for the remembrance of his courtesy and virtue to all. Therefore in witness of this we have signed with our hand and sealed with our seal these presents. Made and given at Stonemarche the twentieth fourth day of January during the Market Day at Birka in the forty ninth year since the founding of our Society.
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Unto our noble servant, Baron Rowen Cloteworthy, Troubadour Herald, we greet you well.

Forasmuch as we have of late had many diverse and astonishing reports of your acts, and being that we have long known of your dutiful and diligent service to our persons and to the administration of Our Kingdom, both now and in the time of our predecessors of blessed memory departed, and forasmuch as it is the duty of the crown to recognize and provide due and just reward for those our subjects of especial fidelity, valor, virtue, and great ability, do we command unto you that it be our express pleasure and will that, upon the allegiance and duty you owe unto us, that you do forthwith and under penalty of banishment and our grave displeasure, upon the receipt of these letters duly signed, sealed, and read forth publically as all the people assembled duly saw, that upon the twenty second of March, being the feast of Saint Epaphroditus and Saint Lea, you do make your repair back again into our presence and present yourself humbly unto us, our court then being convened and arrayed in Majesty in the Barony of Settmour Swamp, along with those persons and witnesses that you are desirous to speak to us on your behalf, that we may further and with our most excellent Majesty, upon receipt of sufficient testimony of your good life and virtuous works, and upon further examination of your witnesses, being first sworn in due form and arrayed as aforesaid with such outward tokens and symbols of their station as they have right to bear, evaluate your fitness for induction into our most ancient and noble ORDER OF THE PELICAN, letting you further understand that if you shall refuse thus to appear in our court at the appointed time and in suitable estate that we will not fail to proceed against you, according to those laws of our Kingdom that we are bound to uphold. And further do we command that these our letters, or the duplicate of them, shall be to you for this passage, and shall comprise sufficient warrant and discharge of your duty in this behalf.

Signed by us, Kenric and Avelina, rightful King and Queen of the East Kingdom, on the eight day of March, as we sit in state upon the occasion of the tournament held to select our Bardic Champions, in our Barony of Bergental.
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Thus, in the XLVIII year since the creation of the world, being that four score and seventeen days and nights have passed since our anointing, and being now arrayed with all our Majesty, and having met in this place, which is sometimes called Malagentia, with our council and government, as have our venerable and noble forebearers done annually before us, to all those persons, noble, gentle, and base, who shall see or hear these present letters, do we, Gregor, Knight, Count, Duke, Prince of Tir Mara and King of these Eastern Lands, together with Kiena, Baroness, Countess, Princess, and noble, fierce and altogether rightful Queen of the East, send greetings.

Know ye all that we have given and by this charter confirm unto our own right worshipful servant Baroness Mylisant Gray of Malagentia, who hath, with admirable diligence and in the most honorable ways and means possible, striven with benevolent intention as she applied herself effectually and with all possible diligence and tender zeal toward the maintenance and care of our subjects and the very governance of our realm,

such that we are thus compelled thereunto by very course of nature and by the humble commendations of noble and virtuous men and women to reward her service by allowing her to bear, without prejudice, the ancient token and mark of our Order of the Silver Crescent, namely a badge In pale a crescent inverted argent and an Eastern crown Or that may be worn and displayed by her and further that she is to be admitted, renowned, accounted, numbered, accepted and received into ye number and Company of those other Ancient Gentils, and noble men and women, perpetually from henceforth, who comprise the roll of companions of this order, together with all the rights, privileges, and remembrances and every one of them that have been devised, ordained and assigned to such companions.

And further know that if any person tries to diminish or take away our generosity, let him be with Dathan and Abirham, and with Judas, and with all those men whom the earth has swallowed up for bodily acting against against the decrees of our own. In witness of this our oath we have signed with our hands these present letters, made and given on the field of the festival called the Great North Eastern War on this 13th day of July, being the eve of the feasts of St Plechelm and St Edith.
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As the illumination from this scroll was taken from the Codex Manesse, a 14th century liederhandschrift (or medieval songbook) which features a great deal of German Minnesang poetry, I chose to write the scroll text in the form of a Minnesang poem. The scroll text is loosely based on the poem 'Tanzweise' by Walther von der Vogelweide, whose portrait appears on leaf 124r of the Codex. Although I cannot confirm that 'Tanzweise' is one of the poems preserved in the Codex, it is a work that would have been immediately familiar to the owners of this book.

Here's a link to the source (in English translation)

'Lady,' they said, 'this garland wear )
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Two notes:

Justin did an amazing job reading this, really hitting the meaning of
the text exactly.

Marcus was Ivan's squire. Of Ivan's five squires, he now has one
Pelican, one Laurel, and one Knight. Through the generous flexibility
of the Crown, we were allowed to send Marcus to vigil from Saturday
court, and then hold his vigil and ceremony by candle-light on the
battlefield. This is a reproduction of what we did when Ivan was
knighted, and it really did go just exactly as we imagined it.

I still have not seen the scroll; it was done by the entire
Malagentian scribal community, including a portrait of Marcus by
Mistress Carolyne.

Here's the text:

Unto all who view the present letters, I, Kenric of Warwick, King,
Prince, and Knight, together with my faithful and well-beloved wife
Avelina, Queen and Baroness, for ourselves and in the name of our
heirs, Edward, Earl, Knight, Prince, and defender of Tir Mara, who
stands together with Thyra, Princess of Tir Mara, in perpetuity,

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To all and singular to whom these presents come from His Excellency Rowen Cloteworthy, Brigantia Principal Herald, greetings. Whereas their majesties Kenric and Avelina do firmly order that this memorial shall be issued under their hand and seal, in order that we should duly establish and record under lawful authority that one Zelda of Hadchester, gentlewoman, in recognition of her good service to Their shire of Hadchester and her care in the keeping of Their accounts, hath been awarded the right to bear Arms, namely: (space for ams) as are deemed suitable to be borne and used by her with their due and proper difference and accord to the laws of arms. Issued this 16th day of June upon the occasion of the Palio and the choosing of the Equestrian Champions in our Barony of Stonemarche.
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Text by me, then fixed by Mistress Alys:

Gregor and Kiena, by divine providence king and queen of these Eastern lands, and of Tir Mara Crowned Sovereigns, to all people base or noble to whom these presents shall come, send greeting.

These letters are to let you understand that, upon receipt of sufficient testimony of the good life and gentle bearing of Eva Woderose, artisan, and upon our further examination of her and her good works and sterling reputation, it is ordered and decreed that for the better increase of learning and knowledge in our Kingdom and not only for this but as it is and always has been our noble and sworn duty to strive to kindle in the hearts of our subjects the imitation of virtue and nobleness, even so that the same has been, and yet is continually observed, to the end that such as have done commendable service to their Crown and country, not only in time of war but at other times and other places, may both receive due honor in their lives and also in the rolls of history such as are maintained by our Kingdom and by all our brother sovereigns throughout creation, thus do we by these presents ordain, create, erect, make and appoint the foresaid Eva as a companion of our Order of the Laurel to the intent that she thereby may be more able to serve well in her vocation at all times and in diverse places and particularly charging that she may instruct those who will be taught the principals of her art reverently and with great care, at whatever times and places she may find most mete and convenient, not only binding her to observe her duties to her Crown and Country according to those ancient oaths and traditions of our lands, but to also further enjoin her to ensure that all those duties, and every one of them, shall be observed and kept according to her ennobled station as hath been customary since most ancient times.

In sign and token of this our will we do ratify, confirm and bestow upon her the right to display arms by letters Patent in the manner and form following, Gules, on a bend sinister between two wolves couchant argent, three roses proper, at such times and in such places at her liberty and pleasure according to the law of arms to use and enjoy forever. It is further ordered and decree that for a more certain and true keeping of the records of this our most just and ardent desire and command that a memorial of this act be made or set forth on paper in order that a record of our decree may be prudently kept. Thus do we set our hand and sign manual to these letters on the 4th day of February in the forty-sixth year of the Society.

Text based on about a half-dozen period sources; cites available on request.
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Because a couple of people asked, here is the text of Sir Oscad's scroll. I did not have his blazon when I wrote it, but I know Eva added it when she actually inscribed the text.


Sir Lucan, by grace and valor king of the East and Emperor ever agust, and Jana, lady of the Rose and of the Garnet, by the said grace King and Queen of Ostgardr and Owlsherst, An Dubhaigeainn and Ar-n-Eilean-ne, Ruantallan and Seashire, Coldwood and Malagentia, Carolinga, and all those lands encompassed there between, count and countess of the East, Duke and Duchess, and Prince and Princess of Tir Mara, Greetings.

Be it manifest and known to all who shall see this public instrument, that here on the site of the Great Pennsic War, in the month of August, in the XLVI year since the founding of the world, in the presence of our Counts and Countesses, Barons, Chatelaines, members of our council, of the very exalted and very powerful princes here assembled, and the combined might and valor of the Knights and Masters of Arms of the Known World,

that our noble and faithful Oscad de Segovia, having done nothing unbeseeming an honest man or done anything unworthy of his place, striving always and in all things to behave in a gentle, righteous, and just manner, who hath for many years given good and faithful service to the Kings and Queens of the Middle and the East, being, as he is, a noble companion of the Dragon's Tooth, the Red company, and the Gold Mace, and of the Order of the Tyger's Combattant, holder of the Purple Fret and the Doe's Grace, and many other worthy and well-deserved decorations of esteem besides, having many and often times on the field of battle and in other places and at other times proven by act and deed his prowess and bravery, and given the word of these witnesses here presented, who, with public declaration and testimony, swearing in the presence of our nobles with all the solemn forms to his fitness, gentility, service, talents, gifts, and chivalric virtues,

Therefore, having seen and understood the testimony here given, and every part and parcel of it, and being certain and assured by our Noble Companions of the Order of Chivalry of his fitness, and being certain and assured of everything set forth herein, and desiring to observe and fulfill our duty to recognize, elevate, and reward those persons whose deeds of valor and chivalry are commended unto us, thus do we, Lucan and Jana, confirm, approve, and ratify, in good faith and without deception, this instrument as outward token and memorial of the elevation of our Noble Oscad de Segovia as a Companion of Our order of Chivalry, and further do we award, grant, ratify, confirm, and give unto him and for his sole use arms by Letters Patent, to whit: ----------. and further do we give, grant, and approve unto him all those very ancient rights, and each of them and every one of them that are due to him as a companion of this order, asking only that he shall, forever and ever, keep, observe, and fulfill, really and effectively, in good faith, renouncing all deception, mental reservation, and subterfuge, those duties and responsibilities which now become his.

All the foregoing, and every part and parcel of it, promised and affirmed by us, and being entirely binding on our heirs, according as it shall be enacted, ordained, adjudged, and determined by them, just as, and as completely as if it had been enacted, determined, and concluded by them themselves, that they, jointly and severally, will keep, observe, and fulfill all the aforesaid, and each part and parcel of it, really and in fact, this instrument shall nevertheless be and remain firm, stable, and valid, forever and ever. Therefore, in testimony of truth, We made this our sign here, which is thus:

Source Material:
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Scroll Text for Lord Michael's OSC. It was credited to both he and I because it is based largely on a document he wrote declaring war on the shire of Smoking Rocks.


Unto all persons meek and noble, titled and base, who do hear or see these words, greetings.

It is known throughout the many kingdoms of the world, that the artisans and warriors of the East are amongst the toughest and most skilled to be found. Yet due equal honor are our autocrats and seneschals, noble servants and subjects without equal in all knowne lands. Thus We do give most especial notice to the tireless work of our most noble servant and subject Michael Acrensis, who has for many seasons well kept watch over our Province of Malagentia in times of peace and times of war, keeping our larders full and well provisioned under his gentle care, bounteous to overflowing, ensuring that the prosperity and safety of our King's subjects brings glory to our Kingdom. It gladdens our heart and fills us with the full measure of pride that one may rightly hold and still be adjudged good and modest, to call him allie and subject and and also call him one thing more: Thus do we, Grifith and Aikaterine, call Lord Michael Acrensis unto the company of the Companions of our Order of the Silver Crescent. Done by our hands on this 29th day of January, at the festival of the Market Day at Birka, in our Barony of Stonemarche.
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Below are the words to Baron Angus Pembridge's you're-not-a-landed-baron-anymore scroll. It is a scroll which awards nothing, but in a very longwinded way.

Words Signifying Nothing )
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To all and singular as well Nobles and Gentles as others to whom these presents shall come, be seen, heard, read, or understood, Baron Rowen Cloteworthy, alias Brigantia and principal Herald of the Realm of the East sendeth Greeting:

Forasmuch as anciently from the beginning the virtuous acts of gentle and excellent persons have been commended to the world with sundry monuments and remembrances of their Good deserts, amongst the which the chiefest and most usual hath been the bearing of Signs and Tokens in Shields, called Arms, being evident and physical demonstrations and testimonies of laudable and virtuous character, and whereas Our most noble and righteous majesties Edward and Marguerite have, over time and from diverse voices had affirmed the gentle nature and exemplary conduct of our subject Delaney of Malagentia, therefore I the said Brigantia, by the power and authority to me committed under the laws and traditions of the Eastern Realm do ratify and confirm this gift to the said Delaney of Malagentia by the Crown, namely the right and duty to use, bear, and show these Arms: ----------------

In witness whereof and in confirmation of Their Majesties voice and will do the heirs, Gryffith and Aikaterine set their hand and seal, done in their presence and by their witness on this 18th of September, AS ---, on the occasion of the tournament of the Champions at Arms, in our Province of Malagentia.
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To all those that these present letters reading, hearing, or seeing, Rowen Brigantia, principal herald of arms of these Eastern lands, otherwise called Rowen Cloteworthy, baron, send due and humble recommendation and greeting a it appertaineth to this business.

For so much as it is understood for certain that every person, base or noble, within the kings lands who does perform laudable virtuous and commendable acts is entitled to those gifts which are within the natural virtuous and commendable reach of the crown, and that the most convenient and most honorable ways and means possible to exalt and prefer such virtuous persons is to honor and give most excellent laud and recommendation to them as can be thought or contrived by the giving or awarding of arms, thus do I, by express command of Edward, Knight, Prince of Tir Mara and eighty-third in the unbroken line of Kings of the East, and further by express command of Marguerite, most noble, wise, and virtuous queen, the said Brigantia Herald make especial note for the preserving and increase theof of her honor, that one Marie D’Agencour, gentlewoman of Malagentia is hereby entitled to for evermore have and hold such arms as have been devised and ordained to and for her, to whit:

and having commanded Our Heralds to devise in form and manner unique and suitable arms, do thereby confirm that these arms now be and to her hereafter shall be hers and hers alone for evermore to have and to hold, occupy and rejoice without any impediment, interruption, lette or impeachment of virtue evermore. As memory and token of this gift, we have caused the present letters to be made, bound, and confirmed by the authority of our testimony and by the signatures and witness of Syr Gryffith, Count and Aikaterine, Countess and heirs to the Eastern Throne. Done at Malagentia, being the 18th day of September in the first year of our reign, AS XLV, upon the occasion of the festival of the harvest moon.
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Sir Ivan was pleased (and a little panicked) to do Molly's Scroll. Its the first scroll he's done in almost three years (the last one was finished the week E was born). He did the illumination only, the (really amazing and beautiful) calligraphy is by Lord Alexandre St Pierre.

Here's the part everyone (including the Queen) was talking about:
Boston B

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Darius and Alethea King and Queen of the Eastern Lands to all those to whom these letters will come, Greetings.

We know full well that those things which are naturally and lawfully possessed within the nature of a man can not be wrested away by any act of force: it remains, however, the duty of our imperial authority to intervene lest there can be any doubt of the validity of certain claims. Be it known, therefore, to the present age and to future generations of our subjects, that we, aided by the wise council and thoughtful words of our Companions and Peers, have, at the general court in Endewearde which was held on this fourteenth day of February AS XLIII, being the annual Tournament of Love and feast day of Saint Cyril and Saint Dionysius and also Saint Antoninus of Sorrento, in the presence of many of the peers and the princes and barons of our realm, have received our noble and most gentle Mattuau Plattnersohn into the estate of gentleman and make and recognize him as Companion of the Order of the Laurel and wish that he should be known by the arms and henceforth carry these, namely [insert arms here].

And this we notify by these letters to all those whom these things concern and in testimony of this we have had these, our letters patent, made.
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Attend and Draw Near all and singular nobles and gentles, merchants and soldiers, peers and barons, and to all others universally to whom these presents shall be seen or known, Baron Adhemar Christian Santiago Igantius Jesus Mendoza de Villarquemada, Brigantia Principal Herald & chief officer of Arms for the most noble and ancient Eastern Kingdom, with due Commendations sendeth greetings.

Forasmuch as it is very expedient and by the ancient custom of honor in this kingdom observed that the very virtuous worthy and valiant acts of excellent men employed in the most honorable service to their Prince, Barony, Province or Kingdom, whether in Peace or War, should be duly rewarded and that in all times and through all ages such men may be honored and rewarded and their remembrance made by sundry monuments preserved, wherein the chiefest and most usual means hath been and is the bearing of ensigns and tokens of honor in shields of arms that thereby such persons so meriting may flourish during their lives and their fame increase and continue in their offspring and posterities for ever, which order as it was most prudently devised in the beginning to show and find in the hearts of men to the imitation of such worthy virtue and nobleness.

Whereas the King his most excellent Majesty Darius and the Queen her most noble Majesty Roxane have by the reports of experienced and trustworthy men and women received reliable and certain intelligence that our noble and honorable Lord Miles of Whitewood Hall hath for many years given good and faithful service in his steadfast leadership of our Province of Malagentia, and Whereas the said Lord Miles of Whitewood Hall hath been well known for many years as a man of most excellent and temperate qualities, well-beloved by persons of all ranks within our Kingdom, both base and noble, and whereas diverse and excellent persons have stood before Their Majesties seeking to advise, request, and notify them on behalf of the very noble honored and ancient Order of the Pelican and that these said masters and mistresses have agreed together to choose the said right worthy and well-beloved Lord Miles of Whitewood Hall over all others on account of the great fame of his wisdom like unto that of Solomon, the renown of his intelligence and the praise of the virtues that have long endured in his noble person, and that said masters and mistresses are very desirous of having him join their ranks, in all love and friendship on account of the many virtuous qualities aforementioned that they know are in his very noble person, yet those virtues which are not in express terms named here are not to be take as if they were excluded or forgot.

Therefore in consideration whereof and for sundry virtuous and renowned acts and enterprises well known to Their Majesties their beloved and faithful Lord Miles of Whitewood Hall hath been inducted this day into that very noble honored and ancient Order of the Pelican, and know ye also that by Their especial grace, certain science and mere motion, Their Majesties have given and granted and by these presents before us made known that the aforementioned Lord Miles of Whitewood Hall hath the right privilege and duty to bear before him at all times the Arms, Seals, Banners & Ensigns necessary and traditional for one elevated to this esteemed rank and company.

And moreover, by these same presents here today read do Their Royal Majesties Darius and Roxane bestow and confirm upon this most noble and virtuous Peer of Our Realm newly called Master Miles of Whitewood Hall the following Arms by Letters Patent: Quarterly sable and argent, two trees blasted argent. That they are his solely and exclusively to use, bear, enjoy and show forth at his liberty and pleasure at all times for ever and in all places universally throughout all regions of the Kingdoms, Principalities, Baronies Shires and Provinces wheresoever, Christian or Heathen, by Sea or By Land.

In Testimony whereof we have caused these our letters to be made patents witnesse our selfe in Stonemarch at the Market Day at Birka, being the twenty-eighth day of January AS XL in the fifth month of our third Reign.
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Thorvald, King, most Serene and Puissant Prince and rightful Lord of these our Eastern Lands, to the seneschals and princes one and all, greetings.

Whereas we do wish to see Our Kingdom safe and guarded against the arms and insidious designs of jealousies and grievous solicitudes, and demonstrate that we do desire to see just and earnest men justly and and earnestly rewarded, we do recall to mind that our predecessors, men endowed with admirable wisdom and sanctity, had often, in the extremest perils, had recourse to excelent councils and general assemblies of nobles, as the best and most opportune remedy, we also fixed our mind on holding such a council; and having consulted the opinions of those princes whose consent seemed to us to be specially useful and opportune for this our project;

For this purpose, we do command that our faithful just and earnest subject the most illustrious and most excellent Lord Aldrich von Bremen, companion of the Burdened Tyger, holder of the Queen's Order of Courtesy, should render himself thusly at Carolingia appearing at the prefixt time in order that we might recognize him, for in the space of ten Years, or thereabouts, with great Diligence, and a Spirit of ingenuity worthy of his forefathers he has been inclin'd to be a model citizen and has cultivated himself and his house with such a Sincerity and Zeal that it has been thought by many fit to make a particular mention -- yet those virtues which are not in express Terms nam'd are not to be taken as if they were excluded or forgot.

Thus do we decree, order, commission and establish him as a rightful member of our KINGS ORDER OF EXCELLENCE at this place and time, and in Testimony of all and each of these things, and for their greater Validity, We do decree that all in authority and especially magistrates and those charged with keeping the records of our deeds here and throughout the Kingdom shall under severe orders and penalties ensure that word of this deed shall be maintain'd and propigated, from now until the ending of the world.

Additonally we shall give unto him, when and as often as he shall request and demand them those specific antient fiefs and offices which the late Rhys I of blessed memory first granted to Dofinn-Hallr Morrison together with those such conformable Concessions or Permissions with all other Rights together with Confirmation of his right to all such Privileges as have been hitherto granted to the the claimant and which are traditonal for holders of this dignity in these our Eastern lands.

Done, pass'd and concluded at our Coronation in Carolingia, the 2nd Day of October, AS XXXIV.
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Darius Rex, by grace and right of arms overlord and rightful monarch of Ar n-Eilean-ne, Lyndhaven, Malagentia, Panther Vale, Dragonship Haven, Bridge, Smoking Rocks, Settmour Swamp, Caer Adamant, and Sovereign King of all the lands of the East, to all those that these present letters shall hear or see, greeting.

Since human memory is short and does not suffice for a crowd of things, the authority of those who preceded our age, the divine emperors and kings, has decreed that those things were to be written down which the progress of fleeting time generally removes from the knowledge of men.

Wherefore let the generality of the present as well as the future subjects of our Kingdom know, that beloved and faithful subject and servant Morgan Christian Santiago Igantius Jesus Mendoza de Clarens de Palencia de Cotes-du-Nord de Navarre y de Villarquemada, by grace of God and the Crown of the East Sire de Sainte Claire, Companion of the Order of the Maunche, Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent, Baron of the Royal Court, Baron and Dread Overlord of Our lands called Dragonship Haven, and Peer of our Realm, has well pleased us in all respects, especially in the noble and gracious manner in which he maintains himself and his house, the dignity with which he serves as the voice of the Crown on varied and diverse occasions, and by the high standard which he keeps for himself and presents to this our realm in all things and so we do hereby confirm in him again all the perquisites belonging and appertaining to those ranks, rights, and titles thus far conferred upon him by Ourselves and Our right noble and royal predecessors, and affirm again that all the honors, graces, concessions, preeminence, prerogatives, immunities and other things, or any of them, which are due to him, by virtue of his current rank and station, are to be observed completely, so that nothing be diminished; and decree that the Princes, Dukes, Counts, Knights, Great Masters, and Captains of the Military Orders; and our Counselors, Judges, and other Officers of Justice whatsoever; and Constables of Castles, Strong Houses, and others; and all Seneschals, Bailiffs, Governors, and Guild-masters; and the Aldermen, Common Council, Officers, and Good People of all Cities, Lands, Baronies and Provinces, Shires, Cantons and Freeholds, and all places in our Kingdoms and Dominions, shall make no objection to this, or any part of it, nor suffer it to be made; forasmuch as we from this time forward, by this our letter, bestow on him the additional dignity of COMPANION OF THE KING'S ORDER OF EXCELLENCE, forever; and we put him into possession of the said offices, and of every one of them, and full power to use and exercise them, and to receive the perquisites and salaries belonging to them, or any of them, as is traditional for holders of this dignity in these our Eastern lands.

Concerning all which things, if it be requisite, and he shall desire it, we command Brigantia, and our other officers and clerks to pass, seal, and deliver unto him the true records of all those such letters of privilege as are rightfully due him, in such form and legal manner as he shall require or stand in need of. And wishing this most present privilege to remain valid for him unto all his posterity, we forbid by an imperial edict that any one, with rash daring, infringe it or in any way attempt to violate it; and we validly corroborate this our decree, signed by the golden seal of our Majesty, the witnesses being written down who were present at this deed. Done this 20th day of the month of April, in the lands called Dragonship Haven.
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