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Well, I walked down (it was actually five blocks) and stood around in the lovely afternoon sunshine with the crowd outside the Expo. There were a lot of people - A LOT - who had tickets but who were not let in for some reason. The "didn't get in" line stretched from the Expo back to the corner by King Middle School. Some unhappy people there.

Eventually I walked down the other side of the street, through the throng of protesters, and down to an almost deserted area across the street from the actual Expo parking lot. For some reason the throngs of protesters had camped out up across from the Expo building itself, so once you cleared the crest of the hill you could no longer see and only faintly hear them (they were ringing cowbells, like it was some sort of bobsled or skiing event). So, if their goal was for the President to see them, they totally failed.

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From where I was standing, I could just make out his outline, slightly bent forward in the car to look out the window toward us, waving.

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