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Small Garden




The more times I look at this photo, the more I think it might be one of the best photos of "the real E" that I've ever taken.
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Are these photos bugging you? Should I put them behind a cut when I just post a couple?
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Cast off sign

Well, I walked down (it was actually five blocks) and stood around in the lovely afternoon sunshine with the crowd outside the Expo. There were a lot of people - A LOT - who had tickets but who were not let in for some reason. The "didn't get in" line stretched from the Expo back to the corner by King Middle School. Some unhappy people there.

Eventually I walked down the other side of the street, through the throng of protesters, and down to an almost deserted area across the street from the actual Expo parking lot. For some reason the throngs of protesters had camped out up across from the Expo building itself, so once you cleared the crest of the hill you could no longer see and only faintly hear them (they were ringing cowbells, like it was some sort of bobsled or skiing event). So, if their goal was for the President to see them, they totally failed.

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From where I was standing, I could just make out his outline, slightly bent forward in the car to look out the window toward us, waving.
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The President is coming today, and will be speaking a scant half mile from where I sit now. *sigh* Wish I could have jumped through the hoops necessary to get tickets.

Lovely Day to See the President

E didn't want to get dressed this morning, so Josh took him in his PJs.

Bell Tower

On the way to work I dropped off a box of his non-resalable clothes at the Church that has the "no questions asked" weekly clothes closet. Its an amazing Gothic building, with a huge hammer and beam hall and a big courtyard. Someday I would like to hold an event there.
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Lilac Buds

Lilac buds on our lilac bush. I can't really adequately express how deeply I was wishing for a camera that would allow me to focus on the buds and blur our our gross back yard while I was shooting this photo.



Mar. 29th, 2010 11:31 am
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Originally uploaded by anastasiav

Taken on Friday, when it wasn't raining.

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Winters Morning

6 am Meeting

Once a month I have to attend a 7 am board meeting, which means I need to be in the office by 6. I hate getting up early, but there is a moment when I walk down my steps, hear the birds, see the glow of the morning over the cove, hear the ever-present crows calling as they move from tree to tree, there is just a moment before I get in my car and drive away that I actually enjoy the morning.
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