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Stars Upon Thars

Exchange Street, Portland ME

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Traces of the Valentine Bandit

Portland has a Valentine Bandit, who leaves these photocopied red hearts on every door and window throughout the entire downtown. Do other cities have this, or is it just us?

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Here is a photo of the view from our offices (note: not a view from my actual desk). As you can see, we have winter here. *sigh* Damn Groundhog. I'm sure this is all his fault.

Moulton St and Harbor

Went to dinner last night with the always lovely [ profile] mylisant and two other lovely friends who are also mommies. At Birka the great idea was hatched that "us ladies" need to get out together more, and [ profile] mylisant was kind enough to turn the idea into an actual plan. However, I don't think that dinner with three mommies who don't see each other much and who don't get to talk about being mommies with other mommies much was quite what she planned on. We'll see if we can change the subject next time, I promise.

As you may know (or maybe not) [ profile] mjemerson is getting married shortly, and she's had the splendid idea of having the reception first, on Friday night (the 29th). They've rented part (all?) of a local nightclub for us to have a sort of '80 dance night/prom type party, then the wedding will be on Saturday afternoon out in the wilds of western Maine where her family is from. So I've been looking for a suitable "prom-style" dress to buy for cheap to wear to the Friday night shindig, and I found one on clearance at David's Bridal in the Mall that actually looked fine when worn, fit, and wasn't strapless. It was marked down to about $60 from $180+, so it seemed like a bargain, and I bought it - only to discover when it was rung up that it wasn't $60-ish but actually $31.99 (including tax). I feel like such a bargain hunter! (I do believe [ profile] mylisant may have had her eye on something there at a similar low sale price, but I'll let her talk about that, if she wants.

Young Master E seems to be on a hug and kiss strike with regard to Momma right now. No hugs or kisses for me for the past few days, despite may requests from me and from his father too. ("E, kiss mamma. Please kiss mamma. Oh, look how sad she is. You should give your mamma a kiss.") I must have offended His Lordship in some way. :-) I'm sure this too shall pass, but it is kind of sad when everyone in the room gets hugs and kisses but me.


The List Universe
Your timewaster for the day

Welcome to the Ladies of Reenacting
I never knew "Bustle" was an era. And are there actual Baroque or Regency Era reenactment groups?

The 20 Worst Foods in America
... in terms of calorie content, not taste (I assume) (via metafilter)

The 6 Cutest Animals That Can Still Destroy You
Let me tell you from personal experience, they're not kidding about swans.
Also, it took me forever to realize that this website is the modern incarnation of the old Cracked magazine we bought when we were kids (right along with Mad.

Pages From The Past
"Pages from the Past comprises a digital record of all the medieval manuscripts in South Carolina’s institutional archives.... A total of 118 items includes eight more or less complete codices, but most are individual leaves and cuttings. As representative samples of the medieval book, however, the South Carolina manuscripts expose an impressive range of pre-modern literacy—theological, scientific, liturgical, historical, and so forth. This website has been designed to showcase a range of texts over centuries of transmission, chiefly as an introduction to the technology and function of writing in the Middle Ages." (via

Retired Teacher Reveals He Was Illiterate Until Age 48
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Haircut view 2

Haircut - hotel bathroom

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Haircut view 1

Haircut-Hotel bathroom

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The Love Freedom

Near DiMillo's Pier, Portland, Maine.

Its dangerous to blog when this sleepy, but here I go anyhow.

I'd recap the whole weekend for you, but I think this will sum it up:

Friday: Worked 16+ hours. Sucked.
Saturday: Wedding. Rainy. Fun.
Sunday: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Monday: Worked, then worked. Boring.
Today: Worked. Sunshine! Long Days! Happy!

Got out of work around 630pm, then (since I knew everyone was at Combat Practice) I drove down into the Old Port and took a ton of photos of very random things. It was beautiful, a long summer day with blue sky and a slight breeze coming in off the water, with everything the perfect temperature.

Ate an ice cream while sitting on the Pier, watching seagulls and pigeons. Met a guy on a Segway. Took more pictures. Felt happy and content.

More photos here, including a few from the Wedding on Saturday (which was idyllic, I must say, despite the rainy-ness of the day).

One More Thing: I read this LJ post a few minutes ago via the Friends page of a Friend of a Friend. I don't know [ profile] amaebi, but the post touched me and I wanted to share it with you.

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