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Behold! The humble paintbrush. My favorite paintbrush. I never thought I’d say such a thing, but there it is.

I’ve been painting the kitchen for over a year. As you can see, my kitchen is narrow, and has a lot of sections, so it hasn’t been that difficult to do a wall section here or there, as the mood strikes me (or as I have an hour free to do the work). Its much less disruptive to the flow of our lives than a big two-day “now we’re going to paint ALL THE THINGS” weekend would be. I move stuff, paint, wait a bit, put them back. Rinse and repeat as needed.

I love how easy it becomes. And, I love this paintbrush, with its short handle and its angled brush, because it keeps me from having to tape everything. I’m at the point now, actually, where I tape almost nothing. I keep a damp cloth with me at all times, and if I get a smudge of paint here or there, I just wipe it away right away and keep on working. The brush does its magic - it gets the paint where it needs to be.

Now, all that’s left to paint are the hardest parts: One wall where the old wallpaper MUST come down and I need to skim coat before I can paint; one area where the wallboard is gone and I have to figure out what to do, Two windows that need vigorous sanding before they can be painted, and a few cupboards, which need to be emptied before I can do much with them.

Still, slowly, this will get finished. Slowly. (And I might need to buy a replacement brush).

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