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To all present and to come who these present letters shall see or hear do we Edward Gray of Lochleven and Thyra Eiriksdottir, King and Queen of this Kingdom of the East greetings and love with humble recommendation. Equity will and right ordains that virtuous men and women of noble courage and true heart be by their merits and renown rewarded that they shall in all places have great honour perpetually before others, shining by certain signs and demonstrations of honour and courtesy. To wit we know them by they tokens they wear in order that by their example others again will force themselves perseveringly to use their days in deeds of service and virtuous works to gain the renown and for this end We, Royal Sovereigns of the East, not only by common renown but also by report and witness of other noble men worthy of credence truly advertise and certify that our very noble and stalwart Lord, Thomas de Winterwode of the Shire of Hadchester gentleman who has for a long time served us with diligence and also in his other affairs has carried himself valiantly and governed honourably has truly deserved and is worthy that henceforward perpetually he will in all places honourably admitted, renowned, accounted, numbered and received in the number and in the company of other courteous and noble men and women as a companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent, and for this, we do command him to wear the badge of the order, to wit In pale a crescent inverted argent and an Eastern crown Or so that may serve for the remembrance of his courtesy and virtue to all. Therefore in witness of this we have signed with our hand and sealed with our seal these presents. Made and given at Stonemarche the twentieth fourth day of January during the Market Day at Birka in the forty ninth year since the founding of our Society.

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