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Saturday I slept until noon and then read in bed until after 1. Then I went downstairs and E and I watched TV together (Pokemon cartoons, mostly) for the rest of the afternoon, while my poor husband went outside and raked leaves. Both E and I spent almost the entire day in our pajamas, although around 3 I finally took a shower and got us both into clothes that are technically not pajamas.

Sunday I made three candles for the shop, made E two pair of pajama pants, and started on the quilt project.

We have quite a lot of Christmas fabric. Josh likes to buy it, but he never knows quite what to do with it. I've been making fabric gift bags out of it for a while, and last year I did potholders, but there are only so many fabric crafts in the world until you get to quilting.

I've been thinking about starting to get into quilts for a bit. About a week ago Josh suggested that we could make a quilt with some of the Christmas fabrics that we've accumulated, and when I gave him a stern look he offered to cut the squares for me. Then he was a little shocked when I told him we'd need 240 6" squares, but he rolled with it. So, this week, while I'm working nights he's going to spend some time cutting 6" blocks for me out of the current stash, and then we'll see what more we need.

This isn't going to be a big fancy quilt. It's just going to be 6" squares pieced together into a full size (85 x 95 ish) top, lined with a blanket or flannel sheet, backed and bound. He wants to be able to keep swatches of these fabrics he loves and I'm happy to do that with him.

He has gotten me thinking about putting together a disappearing nine patch for my mom, though.
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