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I don't have anything to say today that isn't really whiny, so I'm just not going to say much.

Six firetrucks, an ambulance, the fire chief's car, and two police cars showed up outside our house last night, lights and sirens going. They seem to have visited the house two doors down from us, although I cannot say why. The house was not on fire.

Tonight, I think I'm going to make a red cloak trimmed with white fur for E's classroom play. He was going to just take his Jedi cloak (which, amazingly, still basically fits him) but his father and I think it is insufficiently regal. I just hope it doesn't end up having too strong a Santa Claus vibe.

I got a new phone a couple of weeks ago, and E is having great fun playing with Siri. I don't think she's having as much fun, however, as she's suddenly taken to giving us lists of 'types of questions I can answer'. She also can't seem -- at ALL -- to figure out that the Portland Sea Dogs are a baseball team, and keeps giving me sports results for the Bulldogs and a bunch of other (possibly basketball) teams. I wish there was some way I could "teach" Siri what the right answer is.

I've set up a pandora channel that is basically the 2Cellos guys (which you should totally listen to) and Wolgemut and not a lot else.

Here is an interesting article about how Jim Henson's work affected the world-view of a generation of American children (and maybe not in the way you think). My favorite quote from the metafilter discussion about this article is "The conversation around this article among my friends has included the important detail that the Muppets gave us permission to be weirdos."

I guess those are my happy thoughts for today.

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