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Where did I leave off?

Oh yes ... well. We lived through the last of the Insane Travel (at least for a while) - actually it was a delightful day with friends (and music!) and an even more delightful trip home ... a post-event dinner at a large table where we laughed and laughed. An SCA experience that I had, honestly, totally forgotten about - those moments where you cement friendships over plates of cheese fries and linger to long at the table before the long drive home.

Last week, though, was a total loss. We were all sick, and grouchy. Saturday night I woke up about 2 am because E (who was asleep next to me, but really sort of across me) kicked me squarely in the face. I wish I knew what he struggles so steadfastly against in his sleep.

Yesterday I got to watch my very silly child alternate moments of complete disregard for the fact there are other people in the world with moments of unexpected responsibility and maturity. I know that's what being 7almost8 is all about, but it was on full display.

On Friday, J brought home a job posting he's actually both interested in and qualified for - so now we need to rush around and write him a resume. I want -- desperately -- to paint the kitchen and front hall but I'm having a lot of trouble getting motivated to do the awful work necessary (like, stripping down wallpaper and moving furniture) to actually achieve those goals.

Spring inspires action in all different ways, I guess.

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