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Thus, in the XLVIII year since the creation of the world, being that four score and seventeen days and nights have passed since our anointing, and being now arrayed with all our Majesty, and having met in this place, which is sometimes called Malagentia, with our council and government, as have our venerable and noble forebearers done annually before us, to all those persons, noble, gentle, and base, who shall see or hear these present letters, do we, Gregor, Knight, Count, Duke, Prince of Tir Mara and King of these Eastern Lands, together with Kiena, Baroness, Countess, Princess, and noble, fierce and altogether rightful Queen of the East, send greetings.

Know ye all that we have given and by this charter confirm unto our own right worshipful servant Baroness Mylisant Gray of Malagentia, who hath, with admirable diligence and in the most honorable ways and means possible, striven with benevolent intention as she applied herself effectually and with all possible diligence and tender zeal toward the maintenance and care of our subjects and the very governance of our realm,

such that we are thus compelled thereunto by very course of nature and by the humble commendations of noble and virtuous men and women to reward her service by allowing her to bear, without prejudice, the ancient token and mark of our Order of the Silver Crescent, namely a badge In pale a crescent inverted argent and an Eastern crown Or that may be worn and displayed by her and further that she is to be admitted, renowned, accounted, numbered, accepted and received into ye number and Company of those other Ancient Gentils, and noble men and women, perpetually from henceforth, who comprise the roll of companions of this order, together with all the rights, privileges, and remembrances and every one of them that have been devised, ordained and assigned to such companions.

And further know that if any person tries to diminish or take away our generosity, let him be with Dathan and Abirham, and with Judas, and with all those men whom the earth has swallowed up for bodily acting against against the decrees of our own. In witness of this our oath we have signed with our hands these present letters, made and given on the field of the festival called the Great North Eastern War on this 13th day of July, being the eve of the feasts of St Plechelm and St Edith.
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