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I suspect many of you have seen this already on Facebook, but here it is again.

At my son's school, there is a self-contained classroom for kids with special needs - primarily kids with autism. The children in this classroom may be nonverbal, may display repetitive behaviors (including some that can lead to self-injury), and may require dedicated 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 support.

For reasons too complex to get into here, this classroom is getting very little support from either the school administration or the PTO.

This week, the lead teacher has launched a Donor's Choose campaign to try and raise money to get some necessary materials for her classroom. She chose this week because there is a matching gift available. If you make a gift, and enter the code TREAT at checkout your gift will be matched 100%.

She's trying to raise about $1000. As of this moment, she's only raised about $140 toward that goal.

Please help by making a gift - even a small gift - today and using the matching code to have your gift doubled. Sandy is a fantastic teacher (I worked with her at Easter Seals as well) and she could use the support.

Donor's Choose Link for the BEACH program at OAES
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