Jun. 30th, 2014

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E started a week (4 days) at The Telling Room today. After breakfast, he confided in me, in a very grownup way, that he was scared to go "somewhere new" (basically because of his awful experience at Camp Ketcha last year). I hugged him and promised him that if it was anything like Ketcha (which it won't be) that I would pull him out immediately. Then I told him about times I was scared doing new things, and praised him mightily for talking to me about the way he feels.

At lunch I got a nice note from the Executive Director telling me that E was settling in well. So, that's reassuring. We'll see what the end of the day brings.

Ten days until he turns 8. For his birthday, I very much wanted to build him a simple outdoor playhouse, and we pulled together a $500 budget to build it ... which turns out to be not nearly enough. Josh is lobbying hard for us not to do it at all, on the theory that we'll never be able to finish it and it will set there, unused and unfinished forever. He's been quietly, but firmly, completely negative about this project from start to finish, and it's starting to grate on me. Our back yard is tiny, and a wasteland (no room for a swingset, for example, because there isn't enough arc for the swing), so its no wonder that E never wants to be outside. But, I have to clearly admit that he's probably right. I have to make up my mind today, though, so we can get the materials together to build on Sunday, if build we are indeed going to do.

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