Mar. 20th, 2014

anastasiav: (but all artistic like)
The end of our day today involved going to E's parent teacher conference, which turned into a sort of a mini IEP meeting. They've been working with different ways to get him to author his own thoughts, since writing by hand is such a terrible chore for him.

Here is his 'opinion' essay about Dinosaurs:

I think dinosaurs are the most amazing creatures that ever lived on Earth.

First of all, they have amazing features to hep them survive. Like spikes, teeth, and armor.

Next up, their self-defense is very good. It is better than normal. Like their claws and jaws are strong enough to crush bone.

Then to top it all off, you might think that dinosaurs are ferocious eat eaters but most are plant eaters. Think about it.

They have so many features that NO mammals have which what sets them apart from other animals on Earth.

His writing tutor says he has a "voice". He sure does.

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