Sep. 27th, 2013

anastasiav: (but all artistic like)
Photo taken upon awakening

Every morning as we walk down the front steps E turns to me and says "Pilot, prepare for takeoff."

He's the Jedi. I call him "General". I'm the pilot of his transport. He calls me "Pilot". Every morning I pilot our spaceship to Coruscant so he can meet with the Jedi council. Any red cars we see along our path are enemy ships and must be blasted - I make the Pew Pew Pew sounds while he mans a larger weapon that makes a Ffffwwwwup-POW noise and blows them to smithereens. When he is the General, he speaks to me in his serious, grown-up voice that I think he copied from listening to Kenneth Branagh narrating the Walking with Dinosaurs programs.

When we arrive at school .. er, I mean, when we arrive on Coruscant, the general regards me sternly: Fly safely, keep a watchful eye. I tell the General that I'm very proud of him, and I hope he has a great day. As he steps out of the shuttle and pulls on his backpack, I always say "Good luck, General, and may the force be with you."

"Don't worry, Pilot," he tells me, "there's no such thing as luck."

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